mintcaandy (mintcaandy) wrote in spain_lolita,


hola! mi nombre es Molly y tengo 17 años y vivir en Australia. lo siento, mi español es muy malo n___n’’ el año que viene, voy a estar viviendo en España y me gustaría hacer algunos amigos Lolita :D

I'll type the rest in english because my spanish is bad ;__;  sorry, i just started learning. Anyway, next year I will be living in Spain as an exchange student and I thought it would be nice to make some lolita friends before hand n__n please feel free to add me on livejournal or facebook (I'm on facebook a lot more often haha),!/strawberryjuuice

sorry if this post is inappropriate, i wasn't sure where to post it @__@

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Hello Molly! I added you on facebook :3
What part of Spain are you going to?
Hihi :D I added you back, thank you n__n
I'm not actually sure yet, we're still working out details, but hopefully I'll find out soon (:
Hi Molly!
I'm glad to hear you are coming to Spain and I hope you'll have fun!
Where are you going?
Your Spanish is pretty good but I need to make a correction. You wrote amigos instead amigas. If you say amigo you're refering to male friends and it's a bit weird ^^
I'm studing an English degree so if you're interested we could do a lolita english-spanish tandem!
Hello (: I'm sure I will have fun, it looks like such an amazing country :D I'm not exactly sure where I'm going at the moment, but I think that will be sorted out soon, hopefully anyway n__n
ah, thank you so much! I'm still rather bad with masculine/feminine words @__@

Sure, that sounds great :D You're english is very good by the way (:
Mind if I add you? n__n
Added back!
So I'll leave you an spanish forum. I think it will be helpful. Don't feel sorry about your spanish. Also If you don't find the words just writte in english.

Se u!
Hello Molly!

My name is Cristina and I'm from Spain! I just added you at Facebook as ''Elektra Natchios'' ^^